Graphic Design

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Responsive website design means that your website is view-able not only on a laptop or computer screen but also adjusts to the size of a mobile device such as phones and tablets.  This is important since a larger amount of web users are now accessing websites via their mobile devices.  It has become as important to take in consideration different screen sizes when designing a website.

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Multifacited Graphic Design

Visual is a very strong sense that humans have, for this reason graphics are a very important tool that we can use to convey ideas, thoughts and feelings.  Have you ever gone to a website and the images are blurry and fuzzy?  In our minds we make a quick 2 second judgement when we view substandard graphics.

Here at CS Design Art we can create the perfect logo, design a stunning business card or crop out the unwanted person or background in a photograph.  We have pretty much see and done it all on the graphics category.

No job is too big or too small – each and every project gets 100 % of our attention.

 Understanding Graphic Design

Every project  has a color scheme, even if it is not obvious. We work with this scheme to create a harmonious design best suited for your purposes. The first thing that is done is to determine what the design will be used for, will it be for print or websites only.  Each graphic on a website or print is a form of branding and should have thought behind the colors and design. By keeping with this plan it will ensure you receive the best quality in design.

Some important points to keep in mind for a design are:

  1. Clear Design –  are the edges crisp or blurry?
  2. Definable – can you tell what the image is – or is it bland and ambiguous?
  3. Format – what format do you need your design files in?  jpeg, png, ai, this is an important question and will be established at the beginning of the process.

We will help you with each step of the process

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